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Buttonhole accessories

May 20, 2009

They say that a gentleman has only a few ways to accessorize: watch, ring, cuff links, maybe a necklace, tie, handkerchief or colorful socks.

But one space is terribly overlooked: the mighty suit lapel buttonhole. Why is only used for flowers on wedding days or horrible pins? Why is Tiffany not developing elegant silver designs, e.g. something classy and floral themed? Why is Rag & Bone not coming up with something funky, Etro why not something crazy from you guys, like a silk flower on acid or something?

And for the Japanese and other fine people who care about leaving the last sleeve button open on a tailor-made suit: why not some bling or something understated for that hole too or instead? I’m thinking a cuff link of some sort for the suit instead of the shirt.

Does that make me crazy?