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Carl’s Lab – a Carlsberg bar

June 30, 2009

It strikes me that there’s something unique about Carlsberg, when compared to the other multinational megabrewers like Heineken or Budweiser. Carlsberg actually makes many different kinds of beer under the Carlsberg/Tuborg brands (and also sodas btw) most of which are only sold in its home market Denmark. Pilsners, light beers, bocks, gourmet beers, strong beers, ales, wheat beers, seasonal beers (Christmas and Easter) etc.

Why not open a few bars in major cities (NYC, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Copenhagen) featuring only Carlberg products?

I could see the following benefits from such a strategy:

  • A place to test the market for new products
  • A place to get a more intimate understanding of customer preferences
  • A way to differentiate the Carlsberg brand – not just another megabrand selling beer that tastes like everything else, but actually a serious brewer
  • A place to tell the Carlsberg story, which is very rich and positive
  • Take beer seriously – take the lead in making beer-bars cool

Conversation Starter – the anti-game

June 30, 2009

I think there are a lot of us who want to turn off the television and have more and better conversations with our partner. Great, but what do you talk about? Where do you start?

After a while you want something deeper or more interesting than how was your day, where do you want to go on holiday this summer, what are we going to do this weekend and what do you want for dinner? The problem is that often we don’t have the energy or the creativity to come up with great questions.

I think there is a need for some type of “game”, a Trivial Pursuit/Bezzerwisser-type game with hundreds of great conversation starters. An anti-game where the purpose is not focused on beating your opponent, but getting to know her/him as well as getting to know yourself. Different versions could be made for different types of relationships e.g. parent-child, co-workers (think team-building) or friends.

Bring back the Volksvagen Microbus

May 25, 2009

Cooper updated the Mini with great success. Volkswagen did the same with the Beetle. Now Fiat is doing very well with its updated 500.  Maybe its not as easy as it looks (think Ford Mustang), but someone at Volkswagen should seriously consider bringing back an updated version of the original Microbus aka Volkswagen Type 2.

Seriously, can you look at a picture of a VW Microbus and not smile? Do you know anybody who does not like the look of this vehicle?

Buttonhole accessories

May 20, 2009

They say that a gentleman has only a few ways to accessorize: watch, ring, cuff links, maybe a necklace, tie, handkerchief or colorful socks.

But one space is terribly overlooked: the mighty suit lapel buttonhole. Why is only used for flowers on wedding days or horrible pins? Why is Tiffany not developing elegant silver designs, e.g. something classy and floral themed? Why is Rag & Bone not coming up with something funky, Etro why not something crazy from you guys, like a silk flower on acid or something?

And for the Japanese and other fine people who care about leaving the last sleeve button open on a tailor-made suit: why not some bling or something understated for that hole too or instead? I’m thinking a cuff link of some sort for the suit instead of the shirt.

Does that make me crazy?