This is a blog about creativity mostly as it applies to consumer products and financial speculation. I have started this blog to explore those two subjects, to develop and organize my thoughts and to inspire others.

I’m a romantic when it comes to ideas. The human brain doesn’t change much over the centuries, but ideas change the world. Call me willfully ignorant, but I choose to believe that ideas grow and succeed if they are powerful enough. I love producing new ideas. They energize and inspire and makes me feel that I contribute to something.

Jack Foster, the author of How To Get Ideas, quotes James Webb Young saying that

“An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements”.

That’s not only beautifully simple and true, but also hints at something bigger – that creativity connects you to the past as well as the future, while being very much in the present.

I have always been fascinated by investing and financial speculation. The payoff is quick and real, you are competing against millions of really smart people and there is just so much information to consider.

But spending your life doing financial speculation alone is somewhat unsatisfactory. After all, it’s only money.  Whenever I spend a lot of time on financial speculation, whether successful or not, I always miss doing something more important, something that concerns others, something deeper.  It is my hope that this blog will strike that balance, like a good news source that can at the same time cover fashion and gossip as well as genocide, war and hunger.


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